We’re always searching for the right people to join our team. Our clients’ needs are complex and unpredictable, so you must enjoy working at an achievement-driven, entrepreneurial pace. Your network will consist of startups, venture capitalists, private equity, angel investors, accelerators, corporate attorneys, bankers, and more, and you’ll receive coaching in a fail-safe, team-oriented environment.

It’s fast, multifaceted, and incredibly rewarding. It’s not for everyone, but if it’s for you, you’ll fit right in.

Our ideal candidates:

  • Are motivated by achievement
  • Push and complete projects with precision
  • Enjoy finding new solutions to problems
  • Are comfortable not knowing all the answers
  • Demonstrate motivation to find the answers
  • Constructively question internal processes
  • Deliver the highest quality work product
  • Enjoy working on complex engagements
  • Thrive in a small firm environment